Adderbury History Association Publications

Adderbury History Association Publications

Adderbury – A Thousand Years of History

Published 1995 by Phillimore & Co Ltd ISBN 0-85033-994-4.
Out of Print
Available on Amazon & in the Village Library.
This 144 page illustrated book by Nicholas Allen with Adderbury History Association documents the history of Adderbury from its earliest beginnings to the present day.

Adderbury Schools

Out of print
This booklet written by Association member Rhoda Woodward tells the history of the Adderbury schools and their pupils.
It is hoped to revise and republish this booklet in the near future.

Adderbury – The village and its people in photographs

Published 2000.
Out of print
This Millennium publication is an illustrated A4 83 page book.  The 158 pictures are all captioned  and show the village and its people from the early 20th century through to the end of the 20th century.
The headings for each section are: Adderbury East, Adderbury West, The Aynho Road and Twyford, Serving the community, A working village, clubs and societies, the schools, wartime, events and celebrations

Adderbury & Milton Census returns 1841 to 1901

These A4 booklets have been produced for each census year (every ten years) starting in 1841.
They have been transcribed from the original records and list all those people living in the parish of Adderbury and Milton on census night.
1841, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and1901 are available from the Secretary £3 plus p&p.
Out of print 1851.

An Exhibition of North Oxfordshire Quaker Clocks

Published 2013
Exhibition catalogue available free from the Secretary

Celebration: 200 Years of the Coach and Horses

Published 2014
Out of print

14 page pamphlet describing periods in the history of the Coach and Horses pub

In it Together (Adderbury at War)

This 192 page book in colour book by Barry Davis was published on November 8th 2014. It tells the story of how over the centuries Adderbury men and women rose to the challenges presented by different conflicts. The opening chapters look at the Civil War in Adderbury. They identify some of those who served in the Crimea, the American War of Independence etc. and the role played by the military officers who retired to Adderbury.
It looks at the effect on the parish of those living in or returning to the village after military service. It documents the forming of the Adderbury Branch of the Comrades later to become the British Legion.

The book explores how those at home supported the war efforts with fund raising, making garments etc. and how they adapted to the constraints imposed by war.It shows how Adderbury coped, particularly in the Civil War and WWII, with the billeting of troops on the village and relates how the call up of many young men affected trades and families.

Service personnel are not forgotten either. It lists many of those who served their country as well as those who did not return from the Boer War, WWI and WWII.

£15 plus £3 post and packaging if sent by post. See Contact Us on the home page.

Limited Edition Calendar for 2008

Out of print.
This calendar features the photographs of batchelor George Norris c1900. He was an amateur photographer who lived in Crosshill House.

The Licencees of the Inns, Taverns and Beerhouses of Adderbury & Milton

Published 2003 and written by Vera Wood.

An illustrated A4 63 page book listing all the Inns, Taverns and Beerhouses since the 17th century. Landlords are identified as well as the known history of each building.
Available from the Secretary £5 plus p&p

The Quaker Meeting House

Published 2014.
A 24-page guide to the 1675 Meeting House in Adderbury and to early Quakerism in North Oxfordshire.
Available from the Secretary £3 plus p&p

Then and Now (a cd)

Published 2006
The cd shows photographic images of the village as it was in the first half of the 20th century and as it is today.
Available from the Secretary £4 plus p&p

Walks around Adderbury

Published 2010
Copies available the Secretary. Price on application.