Diary of events

Diary of Events

2020 Programme

20th January         The Wars of the Roses  Anthony Wagg

This talk will focus on our local lad, Warwick the Kingmaker, who twice had King Edward IV in his grasp, and twice let him live. Adderbury historian Anthony Wagg asks why.

17th February        The Elusive Lewis Carroll  Alistair Lack

Lewis Carroll is a household literary name. But the man who wrote the Alice books, Charles Dodgson, is much less known. Alastair Lack, now an Oxford walking tour guide, will explore the many talents of a very private man.

16th March            CANCELLED

20th April               CANCELLED

18th May                CANCELLED

15th June                CANCELLED

20th July                 CANCELLED

21st September       Claydon House: Now you see it, now you don’t   Speakers to be confirmed

Volunteers at this National Trust country house will explore its dramatic architecture and the people who lived there, from Florence Nightingale to pirates and politicians, and will reveal why two thirds of Claydon House disappeared twenty years after it was built!

19th October           Beatrix Havergal of Waterperry: Her History and Legacy       Rob Jacobs

This talk by the present-day Horticultural Manager at Waterperry will cover the life of Beatrix Havergal, the co-founder of Waterperry’s Women’s Horticultural School and her battle to get recognition for women in the gardening world.

16th November        The Broughton Hoard and Roman Villa  Keith Westcott

Archaeologist and detectorist Keith Westcott will describe the stages by which he was led to a hoard of coins and then the discovery on the Broughton Estate of a terraced Roman villa nearly as large as Buckingham Palace.

9th December           Association Christmas Party

Our traditional bring and share supper plus the ever-popular Association Quizzes