Manorial Court Rolls (Elton Papers)

The Elton Papers which are deposited at Oxford Study Centre are the Court Rolls etc. for the Manor of Adderbury. They came into the possession of Lord Elton when he became Lord of the Manor in 1954. The Association was granted access to make copies of the documents but before the the task was completed the documents were removed to Oxford. The Association holds copies of most of the Elton papers but not all.

Vellum Bound Volumes.
The Association has copies for most of these.
Adderbury Court Rolls 1587-1591
Court Proceedings 1603-1616
Court Minutes 27/10/1798-10/10/1809
Court Minutes 15/12/1809-04/12/1821
Chief Rent Rolls 1816-1833
Court Rolls 04/11/1822-01/08/1839
Adderbury Chief Rent Roll 1836-1863
Minute Book 05/11/1838-1850
Chief Rent Roll 1864-1914
Minute Book 06/11/1865-1871
Chief Rent Roll 1915,1916-1924

Leather Bound Volumes.
The Association has copies of all of these.
Customary, Terrier, Leases, Rents 1707-1744
Court Rolls 06/11/1769-13/10/1780
Court Rolls 20/11/1826-26/01/1843
Court Rolls 27/05/1843-24/01/1861
Court rolls 02/04/1862-29/10/1884
Court Rolls 03/11/1884-17/12/1935

Adderbury Manor Bill Book 02/11/1846-04/11/1873
Index to Adderbury Court Rolls A-L undated (2 typed copies)
Adderbury East Rate book 1846 (226 dwellings and 27 parcels of land)

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