1.  1922 OS map covering the whole of the village, east and west. Three sheets.
  2.  Field ownership maps (3 copies), believed to be of the period Enclosure – 1769.
  3.  William Hunt Chamberlin Estate Map 1808.
  4.  Photocopy of map of The Field Names of Adderbury West according to the Survey of Richard Davis in 1838.
  5.  Photocopy of commercial map, early 1800s (?) date can be checked.
  6.  Series of photocopies of maps of two parts of village, after enclosure and turnpiking.
  7.  Hand drawn map enumerating the fields in Bodicote, Adderbury & Milton. Date & Purpose unknown.
  8.  Hand drawn and coloured map showing some 17th century field and property names. Date and purpose unknown.
  9.  Partial maps of Banbury and North Newington, OS 1938 revision.
  10.  Tracing of map of village, date and purpose not clear, bears reference V.13(c)(i).

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